AllGood Granola Strategy & Rebrand

Providing the building blocks for an up-and-coming brand.

For: Brandcenter Live Client
3 weeks
My Role:
Art Direction, Strategy, Experience Design
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma
Team: Karah Smith, Urvesh Patel, Ashanti Wright

the problem

AllGood is a young granola bar brand that needs to get their footing as an up-and-coming brand.

the opportunity

AllGood has a differentiator built into their design, how can we utilize it to increase growth?

the solution

Through highlighting the sustainability that AllGood represents, we're creating a more unique experience.

With a new updated logo and branding throughout, we gave Allgood a clearer brand identity and a more readable, scaleable, and welcoming logo. Taking the sprigs of grain from the original logo and repurposing them as new growth out of "good" they take on a new meaning, representing the growth and potential of AllGood as an up-and-coming granola brand.

Packaging Redesign

Presented with an opportunity to redesign AllGood's packaging to reflect the sustainability of their brand, I decided to create packaging options that utilize exclusively recyclable materials. This includes fully-recyclable boxes for shipments as well as boxes that can easily be turned into in-person displays, in addition to new granola wrappers made from plant based materials.