In Deep Water: Penn Station

Understanding the dire situation of our oceans
through immersive design.

For: Brandcenter Student Project Spring 2021
4 weeks
My Role:
Experiential Design, UX/UI Design, Brand Design
Tools: Figma, Adobe Dimension
Team: Ira Birch, Leslie Townsend, Lianne Boxley, Francisco Marcano-Santos

Brief: Develop an immersive, museum-level experience for Penn Station's Moynihan Train Hall
Insight: Visualizing climate change is difficult.
A full experience for visitors, both tourists and locals, to interact with and view how rising sea levels impact the world.

In shipping containers dropped right in the middle of Penn Station, visitors would be able to enter and view kiosks with interactive maps. These interactive maps then trigger screens throughout the station to show rising sea levels in whatever city was chosen.