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Art Direction
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Karah Smith - Strategy
Ashanti Wright- Strategy
Urvesh Patel - XD


The granola bar market is fierce and constantly growing. To stand out, you need to have a clear differentiator from the competition. AllGood is a young granola bar brand that needs to get their footing as an up-and-coming brand in a saturated market.


How might we use AllGood's unique differentiator of being made with spent barley from breweries to generate growth?


Inform consumers on the circular design of the product, as well as what spent grains are, while revamping the branding and website.

Brand Redesign

Looking for an updated logo and branding, I developed a more readable, scaleable, and welcoming logo by using the sprigs of grain from the original logo and repurposing them as representation of the growth and potential of AllGood.

To reflect the sustainability of AllGood's brand, packaging options that utilize recyclable materials were developed, including plant-based wrappers, recyclable boxes for shipments, and cases of bars that can be turned into displays.

Direct to Consumer Model

AllGood desired a model built around maintaining loyal consumers, since they are a smaller brand available at local breweries and farmers markets. We developed an online shop that gives users the ability to build their own 6-pack of AllGood Craft Granola Bars.