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The record industry has made a massive comeback in recent years, seeing a growth rate of 28.7% from 2020 to 2021. With the transition to digital streaming and online drops, there has been a change in the way fans purchase physical products and discover new music. 


How might the record-buying process be reimagined to reflect the progression of the record industry?


With the recent increase in vinyl sales and the introduction of vinyl collecting to a new demographic through social media, consumers desire an environment of discovery without judgment. 


A vinyl shopping experience that serves as a comfortable environment for individuals both new and experienced within the hobby.

By providing sound-proof listening rooms, Hypnotic Records encourages music discovery through exploration. 

Physical Location

Designed to be an adaptable environment to cultivate the most comfortable initial offline experience possible.

An evolution of the traditional vinyl store, Hypnotic Records is designed for creative exploration in a safe environment.

To encourage consumers to branch outside their comfort zone, private rooms are available for use. These are designed to be plush, cozy spaces featuring high-end turntables, surround sound, and crates of vinyl for consumers to explore.

The upstairs of Hypnotic Records is designed to be a hangout space for music lovers, featuring a small stage for local musicians to perform on as well as an open version of the listening rooms.

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