Spotify & Lyft: Your Ride, Your Vibe

Customize your shared ride at the tap of a button.

For: VCU Advertising Senior Project 2019
3 weeks
My Role:
UX/UI Design, Art Direction, Copywriting
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe XD
Team: Duo with Joelle Mitchell

Help Spotify build a connection between them and driving with a bolder, flexible, and more non-traditional campaign idea that can work across multiple channels including social and OOH.
Lyft riders want a more personal ride, and Spotify can provide that personalization through music.
Your Ride, Your Vibe

Behind the Partnership

Through seamless design, we tied the Lyft and Spotify apps together to provide ease of music-sharing for both the passenger and the driver. This gives the passenger the option to request to play music, and the keeps the driver in full control over what is played.

This flow depicts the journey a passenger would take to pair their Spotify account with their Lyft account.
This is the journey of the driver, showing how passenger music would be shared.