Hi! My name is LeeAnn!

I am constantly in motion, and I will always be chasing the feeling that comes with creating.

I grew up going to museums and weird tourist destinations, like an ossuary made of skeletons in rural Prague, the tallest bell tower in Germany, the town that invented the Cuckoo clock, and so many more. Seeing these objectively odd things throughout my childhood has made me extremely curious about most things.

I'll sit and read a Wikipedia article about just about anything, and my favorite thing to do while travelling is pick a neighborhood and dig through the local thrift store to see what gems people in other places have donated.

Other facts about me //

  • I can make waffle cones from scratch, & I can make a picture perfect ice cream cone!
  • My partner and I actively play Pokemon GO as a way to get some outdoor exercise every day!
  • I've traveled to 18 countries, 5 of them were solo trips.
  • At 8, I insisted on the color "Dill Pickle Green" from Benjamin Moore for my bedroom, and it's my favorite color to this day. I stand by little me's excellent choice.
  • I've had two 5-star Animal Crossing islands, one named Pawnee and one named Trollberg.