I grew up going to museums and weird tourist destinations. An ossuary made of skeletons in rural Prague? Been there. The tallest bell tower in Germany? Climbed it. The town that invented the Cuckoo clock? It was just down the road from my middle school.

I was raised to explore, to be curious, and to always ask "huh, I wonder why?" and find the answer myself. I believe the best design is based on lived experience.

Other cool facts about me:

  1. Last year, I listened to 93,046 minutes of music.
  2. I have a 6 foot tall mini monstera plant grown from a one leaf cutting.
  3. In a very sisterhood of the traveling pants way, my nannas custom tailored clothing from her 20's fits me (5'4") and my cousin (5'11") perfectly.
  4. I have been to over 18 countries, and 5 of them were solo trips.
  5. I've had two 5-star Animal Crossing islands, one named Pawnee and one named Trollberg.