5-day creative sprint




Product Design
Service Design


Annie Balint - Strategy
Madeline Honig - Art Direction
Will Vogelsang - Art Direction


While the number of streaming platforms is growing, the content isn’t changing

Streaming platforms expect more effort from consumers to become fully engaged, and put the burden on the user to find information that used to be available as liner notes in physical albums. 


How might Amazon Music provide users with a more unique experience when streaming platforms are so similar?


With exclusive content directly from artists being a driving factor for many users, Amazon Music could integrate sibling streaming platforms like Wondery, Audible, and Prime Video to provide users with a unique interactive storytelling device.


Artist Vision is a feature that gives fans the ability to engage with exclusive content directly related to their favorite bodies of work as they listen. Artists provide a unique perspective to their work through the integration of Amazon’s consumer brand ecosystem.

Seamless Integration

For fans, artist's vision would exist natively in the app as an expansion of the existing X-Ray feature. Listeners would be able to engage with content across the Amazon ecosystem in real time. 

This removes some of the burden of content discovery, and initiates the transition from casual listener to superfan.

Fan Engagement

To reduce the amount of effort expected of users to seek out further content, Artist Vision would facilitate the transition from casual listener to superfan by streamlining the journey to related content.

Beyond Music

This would be a storytelling tool for creators to expand the universe of their work and enhance the fan experience. Podcasts could provide extended context, musicians could add songwriting exclusives, and so much more.

Future Possibilities

1. Product Expansion

Since Amazon has such a robust network of media apps, this feature could be integrated into other apps within their ecosystem, and truly expand the web of Amazon for users.

2. Artist Interaction

Moving forward with this project, I would like to design problem solve what the artist's perspective of this feature might look like within the Amazon Music for Artists, and build out how they might find content and attach it to their work.