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Emily Wills - XD
Karah Smith - Strategy
Ivy Lu - Strategy
John Simons - Strategy


As workplaces allow greater flexibility for remote work, the chances for singles to form in-person connections has become  limited. People feel uneasy going on dates with someone they have not met in person, despite online dating becoming the norm.


How can Hinge make meeting up with someone for the first time a safer, more enjoyable experience for users?


A Hinge-sponsored dating experience centered around creating real human connections by providing a safe, comfortable environment so you can enjoy your date.

User Safety

The primary goal of this feature is to create a dating experience that makes all of our users feel as comfortable as possible when meeting matches from Hinge. By taking the stress away from users and providing a safe location run directly by Hinge and the ability to pre-plan dates within the app, we ease the transition from online sparks to in-person flames.


To keep things as safe as possible, all Spark invitations are sent within the app. Users are presented with invitations within the messaging portion of the app, and have the option of sending a script declining if they are uninterested.

Physical Location

Designed to be an adaptable environment to cultivate the most comfortable initial offline experience possible.

An outdoor spot specifically designed for going on a date in a group setting. Surrounded by games such a ping pong, bocce ball, jenga, and more, you’re invited to engage in some friendly competition!
This space is designed to flow from game to game, and encourage conversation.

Designed to feature a coffee and pastry bar, bright natural lighting, and a welcoming color pallet. Cozy Conversation was designed for users who want to meet up during the day in a comfortable, inviting environment.

Dinner & Drinks is an ideal option for couples looking to break the ice and get past the initial awkward bit.

This space is marked by a sleek modern earthy aesthetic, each table features the game "We're Not Really Strangers" as a way to get the conversation flowing.