At the beginning of every month, I do two things:

  1. Pay rent
  2. Start a new playlist

Inspired by my tendency to get bored with music quickly, I started this project when I was 20. Going back to listen to these playlists feels as nostalgic as reading an old diary.

get sucked in

2022 // ~so far~

To set a brighter vibe, I associated colors with this years. I know there is going to be a lot of personal growth, so I'm excited to see how this year gets built out.

Keep Digging

2021 // I was in focus mode 90% of the time.

show me more

2020 // A year of survival-mode with a soundtrack.

An auditory time capsule to one of the most chaotic years in human history.

2019 // Theme was "growing up"

I was still figuring out what direction I wanted to go in life, and took the aux cord at every chance.

High school leeann

2016 // A Glimpse Into My Youth

The year I graduated high school, & the peak of my tumblr bandom blog, which was named after a song by the 1975 & the band Bastille. It's still live, if you find it or guess it you get a gold star.

Enjoy this 500+ song strong, mildly embarrassing playlist.